Hand painted french provan furniture

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  1. Ba says:
    Damn... This shithole is as amusing as a deer tick on Obama's nutsack.
  2. Cererne says:
    Awesome. You should see the sample ladies' face when I try to put her out of business, and only give my kid one sample. Now, wait, what was the rest of this about? I'm hungry. Some one go get Big Daddy, aka B. Diddy, a hot pocket.
  3. Bulas says:
    I used to live in Japan, so I'm pretty familiar with the geography. Those areas are somewhat further from the epicenter, so they should be OK. In Japan, earthquakes up to a 5 in magnitude are common. I experienced no fewer than six earthquakes while I was there and probably slept through several more. Unless a big one (like this one) hits, most cities have very little interruption of daily life.

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